Snakeskin stiletto pumps is what's trending as far as Melania Trump, first lady of the United States, is concerned. And she will wear them whenever and wherever she likes.

After boarding Air Force One with her husband yesterday –  looking ever so stylish –  to visit hurricane-stricken victims in Texas, photos surfaced online and plenty of backlash ensued.

Some were dead-on serious with their disapproval:

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While others turned to GIFs and sarcasm:

And some ran to her defence, pointing out the futility of drawing attention to her footwear when Houston is experiencing a historically crippling flood.

The first lady has received a fair share of being fashion shamed, but this time people jumped to conclusions and started questioning her insensitivity, with one Twitter user saying she has "no understanding of what empathy is" considering she was on her way to an ongoing natural disaster zone.

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PLOT TWIST: She actually swapped her heels for sneakers and a FLOTUS cap, making the backlash totally pointless.

Totally valid points:

We'll just leave this here.