The model says she prefers to style herself on the Netflix show Next In Fashion because she hates it when a celebrity hires someone to pick their outfits for them.

“I think it's lame to have a stylist basically. I hate it when celebrities have stylists. It's like, what's your own style?” she tells Refinery29.

Alexa did have a stylist on the streaming networks because the bosses wanted to “keep track” of her outfits, but the model insists all fashion choices were her own.

“I chose to work with Danielle Nachmani. Because, same thing, it was just for the show. I needed help pulling it, and they have to keep track of it,” says Alexa.

“I feel like I'm justifying that. I think I'm justifying it because it matters a lot to me that I style myself, and so this is one of the only occasions where I've actually used a stylist. But she was great,” she adds.

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Compiled by Phelokazi Mbude

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