Last year September, in the wake of the tragic Hurricane Irma disaster, first lady of the United States Melania Trump opted to wear Manolo Blahnik heels upon visiting shelters in Florida. Massive backlash ensued over what people deemed inappropriate, considering this was a wet, flooded, disaster zone. 

Yesterday, Melania donned a Zara parka with the slogan "I Really Don’t Care, Do U?" to visit children at the border amidst Trump's problematic “zero tolerance” immigration policy execution. Again, social media was lit with anger. 

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According to Global News, the first lady’s spokesperson explained that there was no ulterior message, that “It’s a jacket. There was no hidden message.” 

But President Trump took to Twitter, saying: 

So, even if this was a statement made about fake news, was this the right time and place to make it? It's a space of severe pain, separation, and intolerance, not one to cater to your own selfish needs regarding your image in the media.  

Wearing this jacket in any other context, fine it's nice, warm, fun. But the tone-deaf nature of this is, quite frankly, almost pompous. Like the Trumps are untouchables. 

Here are some Twitter reactions to the jacket: 

While the main consensus was that this was a insensitive display by FLOTUS, others disagreed: 

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We asked 3 guys (some who like fashion and others who say they "have no clue") to give us their two cents on other controversial fashion items: 

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