By now, a lot of us who observe Christmas are in the process of shopping for gifts for family, friends, partners, and colleagues. If not, you might be window shopping for what you're going to buy on your last minute dash to the mall or online checkout. 

And throughout this process there's that one person who has you in a bit of a catch-22, not because they're necessarily picky, but because they're kind of person who already has everything they want. 

New Fenty Beauty palette coming out tomorrow? They bought it yesterday. 

Apple dropping a new iPhone model? They may as well have been in the brainstorm meeting with Tim Cook.

FIFA 19 available on Takealot? It's already in their cart.

Essentially, they don't wait around to get spoiled - they take matters into their own hands, leaving people with the impression that they're hard to impress. 

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You need not break the bank nor get a rock just because you're stuck in a hard place, though. There's a plethora of other gift options you can explore.

The trick is just going for the unconventional. Instead of an ordinary camera, get them a collector's one that most likely no one else will have. 

Here are our suggestions:

1. HP Sprocket photo printer

It literally fits in the palm of your hand, your handbag, and your pocket as the name implies. The HP Sproclet prints pictures straight from your phone within minutes. Get it for the digital influencer in your life.

R1499 from Takealot

HP Sprocket Printer

2. Designer scent box

This is by far the coolest way to gift a fragrance - giving the recipient the freedom to choose their scent from 12 samples. The Foschini Beauty scent box consists of 12 sample vials of high-end perfumes from which you can select your favourite and exchange it for a full bottle of your choice at any Foschini store. 

R980 at Foschini

3. Sissy Boy denim technology

One way to ensure that the answer to the "do these jeans make my butt look big" question is always "yes" is by getting your bestie or yourself a pair of these firts-of-its-kind Sissy Boy 'Booty-Full' Axel skinny jeans. They come with removable bum pads that create rounder, fuller look. 

R1 399 from Sissy Boy

4. Jimno Jean Embrace t-shirt

Even when you supposedly have everything, there's no such thing as too many white tees. Especially when they're part of a "a carefully considered collaboration celebrating female upliftment." Plus, this embroidered Tee is gender neutral.

R400 from Jimno Jean

5. Chanel gift pack

... for when you're willing to splurge on someone you love. No one would say no Chanel anyway.

Chanel: Collections and Creations coffee table book, R929 on Takealot

Chanel: Collections and Creations

One of the most classic fragrances: Chanel No.5 Eau De Parfum 50ml,

Chanel No.5 EDP

6. Crosley Radio Cruiser deluxe bluetooth 3-speed portable turntable

It's the perfect combination of old and new school, where you can play your old vinyls or play your favourite tunes via Bluetooth or aux from your smartphone. 

R1999 at Clicks

Portable Turntable in Tweed

7. Thin Ndebele bracelet by Pichulik

If they collect accessories, they'll love at least three of these to stack on their arm. 

R99 each on Superbalist

Ndebele bracelet

8. Organic Peace silk beauty cocoons 

All beauty enthusiasts squeal at the sight of new skincare innovations, so even if their bathroom cabinet is pretty much bursting at the hinges, this will still excite them.  

Used by generations of Japanese Princesses, silk beauty cocoons provide a natural, ecological way to exfoliate and promote smooth, plumped and nourished skin. 

R325 for a pack of 30. Available at:

Silk beauty cocoons are easy to use

9. Beaded gift set

Much like beauty enthusiasts above, shoe fiends can't resist a good pair of shoes. 

R189.99 at MRP

Beaded mule slip-on, MRP

Add this pair of beaded circular earrings from ZARA, R249

Turquoise beaded earrings

10. Tattoo gift voucher

If you know they've been toying with the idea of getting inked for a while, research a few good tattoo parlours and once you've found one, make an appointment for your loved one and pay for their ink of choice. 

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