We are all fancy... on the inside. But dressing 'fancy' costs money. Often lots.

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In order to gain access to a wardrobe that's in line with our #fancygoals, we've learned a few styling tricks to share with you.  

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1. Slick-ify the classic jeans and t-shirt combo

Add a slim, pointy sock boot and some gold jewels. These elements will add a bit of glamour and make the transition from lunch to dinner effortless. 


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Just sitting here contemplating the magical healing powers of brownies ???

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2. Belt bag

Love these. Much more sophisticated than the humble fanny pack, a belt bag ups the tailored appearance of any outfit as it belts the outfit and adds a slick edge. 

Toyi toyi - Sikelela Damane ???

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3. Velvet or satin (even faux fur)

One of the best ways to add to a simple outfit is to pair it with a textured garment or accessory like a scarf that looks and feels luxe. Velvet, satin and faux fur are clear winners here. 

4. Shoes

People often think that no one looks at your shoes, but they do. Adding a metallic pair (even one that has a kitten heel or a block heel) can really class up any look and take you from the office to a work event in the eve. 

Dressing up a look doesn't have to mean wearing high heels though. I've tried them and they are just not for me - so if you feel similarly, stay the flat course.

Oi Oi Afrique. | Shot by @buka_andile ????????

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Another way to slay with shoes is going the looooooooooong boots way. Boots as pants?! Yes it is a thing and looks great paired with a simple oversized black jersey or athleisure combo like the below...

Then lastly, not really shoes, but wearing striking coloured socks or shimmery metallic socks will up your glam factor. 

5. Leather/pleather

Another textured item, usually associated with biker culture, this classic can be added to any ensemble to up the (badass) appeal of your simple jeans and t-shirt combo.


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