No-limits fashion designer David Tlale has released his first bridal collection –and it’s divine.

After a successful premiere in Cape Town, followed by an appearance at Lagos Bridal Fashion Week, Tlale showcased privately in Johannesburg last Thursday.

If you’re a bride-to-be hoping to outshine Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, Tlale is the person to call.

This collection is unconventional, so don’t expect a standard bridal gown or suit for the groom. The garments break all the moulds, but the surprisingly commanding textures and layers won’t make you feel like you’re deviating too far from the traditional wedding garb.

Tlale experiments with soft lace edges combined with elements of satin, twill, in-house created flowers and – ever a supporter of the South African aesthetic – ostrich features, all culminating in sophisticated, red carpet-worthy masterpieces.

Tlale has experimented with colour too, and included some ivory, playful shades of plush pinks, hues of salmon and even prints.

“With our bridal collection, we want to say that we’re not only a fashion brand, but also a lifestyle. The interest and reception in Lagos was phenomenal and I was truly excited and honoured,” says Tlale.

There are 25 garments for brides to choose from and seven suits that are layered beyond the simple tradition of just experimenting with the suit jacket.

Tlale says the inspiration behind the bridal collection was not only to make brides feel gorgeous, but also to give them a slight edge in the fashion world.

“Brides don’t have to simply look like princesses. I want to encourage them to bring their own sense of style on the big day,” he says.