I recently saw a drastic spike in coat sales! Yes. But now those R1 200 - R1 500 ones I've spotted at Zara and H&M were but a fraction of their initial cost, with some discounts as good as up to 50% off.

It proves that this is the perfect time of the season to shop, for this season. (All you have to do is grit your teeth, and freeze for the first two months of winter, easy! But seriously, pneumonia is no joke). But more seriously, coats have more longevity when it comes to wear and tear than other must-haves and they don't age in terms of trends as other items in your wardrobe can. So of course you won't freeze.

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I've written about The Uniform before. In summer I usually wear a uniform of jeans and a white tee, but this still rings true in winter. 

Only I often alternative this with a long-sleeve black top. 

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However, to the point! I have only ever owned quite dull looking coats. Like a grey one, or a black one in the name of practicality. "It'll go with everything!," my mom would say. 

But today I rebelled, snatching a few from the rails to see how they worked with my plain look, and more importantly whether they would lend personality to said look

#1 The Penny Lane

The coat that makes you embody a '70s Woodstock babe, minus the drain of groupie status, this fluffy number from Zara immediately made me feel as cool as Penny Lane was depicted as in Almost Famous by Kate Hudson...

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#2 The wild cat

This one made me feel both fancy and trashy. But because it was marked down 50%, now R799 at Zara, I almost dismissed any semblance I felt of bad and boujee and opted to buy it, claiming it's many fancy qualities.  

Aretha style...

#3 The flasher

The H&M trench, reminiscent of a classic Burberry coat, has always been one of those Audrey Hepburn staples that I never quite "got". Much like kitchen cupboards stocked with Le Creuset, pastel nails and tea; I just never quite felt like it's me. No argument re the cut and how much it flatters any look, I'm just not an Audrey. (I'm not a Marilyn, either btw). 

(Or maybe it just has something to do with being flashed once as a student.)

#4 Someone who needs a sheepskin coat

Maybe Alaskan, Icelandic or perhaps Siberian, I wished, if only for a moment that I could live somewhere where I would need a coat made of sheepskin (disclaimer: this one is not, but plays on that idea).

#5 The Elle Woods

If placing this upon my person meant just a little of the bulldozer-like confidence and die-hard drive emitted by Legally Blonde's Elle Woods would rub off on me, then I was buying it. 

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