For someone who has a lot of black in her wardrobe and a ton (a TON!) of accessories strewn about her room like confetti, I thought this challenge would be easy as wine on a Friday. How wrong I was.

Day 1:

Before starting this challenge, I was sure I would rely heavily on big bold accessories (my normal style) as the wardrobe choices would be so demure...not so.

On Blue Monday I confidently opted for my new boxy slogan tee, high-waisted charcoal mom jeans and block heels from Zara. On this particular day I was overcome by the Chanel vibe of the shoes, adding a bit of simple gold jewellery and Chanel ink red lips.

Coco Chanel as a Golden Girl, basically.

Day 2:

This day I opted for my new favourite sleeve, THE SWAN (a white bell-sleeve top from Zara) and paired it with a black denim A-line skirt, stockings and boots.

I found it to be a nice juxtaposition of textures and design. And again, my need for accessories, that which is at the very core of me and has been for so long - gone!

But it felt, pretty good.

Image: Giphy

Was Coco Chanel right? I wondered. Less is more and that one should, in fact, remove one accessory before exiting one's home? Or maybe even all of them!

Fashion universe...crumbling.

Day 3:

I think I was craving a bit of colour. I paired my blue Pichulik Nolita scarf with a striped white and black basic from H&M and black Topshop jeans. I was cold and longing for a Mediterranean vibe on this particular day, so decided to let my Superga espadrille flatforms out to play.

But again - basic stud earrings! Was I losing all creativity and uniqueness because I've settled into a life of uniform dressing?!

Was the spirit of Coco Chanel now my dear leader whom I needed to obey at all costs?

Day 4:

So by now I had become a bit irritated by the idea of having to wear only black and white. I don't think it was because it was monotonous black and white, but because I HAD TO wear it.

In a sense it was my uniform for the week, I had room to maneuver as it wasn't a set uniform, yet it started to feel like one. Maybe it's an overwhelming love of "options" that had me all flustered, yet I think I just got a bit tired of the restrictiveness of this challenge.

But I put on my black Selfi jumpsuit, white tee and ankle boots and marched on out. How heroic? This time opting for a slightly more daring ear decoration - dangling gold chandelier types. Even more proof of my new found Golden Girl status.

Day 5

Then, in an unexplained, almost paranormal twist of events...I failed my day 5 challenge. I know, I know.

In my defense, I had the day off and just didn't feel like listening to rules - not even if they were my own. I realised that the only thing worse than a black and white fashion challenge would be wearing only black for a week. Again, this is a challenge I would have happily accepted a week ago. I would have laughed in the face of it, in fact!

But it's mainly about being restricted. When something, anything, becomes a MUST rather than a CHOICE - all creativity and personality goes out the window.

I feel I made good fashion choices in terms of pairing design, textures and trends - without relying too heavily on my go-to opkikkers, i.e. accessories. But uniform dressing cannot stay.

Image: Giphy

Images snapped by Carmen Williams.

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