To me, there is nothing better than something dreamy. Be that a film, a piece of art or an Air song that hums sweet sounds into your ears, slyly sweeping you off your feet and into a world unknown.

This new collection by Matte Nolim makes me feel just that. It is not as sweet as some of his previous collections as it seems to have a more grown-up edge that caters to women who like minimal dressing, but also want to stand out in the most whimsical of ways.

"The lookbook is called Frill Matters and it's about showing a much more fun side to our approach to modern minimal woman," says the designer. 

Read: Pink, red and a bit of rust

Our favourite piece? That coat. And we just luuuurve the pink and red combo.

Photographer: Katinka Bester

Model: Anyon Art direction

Styling: Kelly Fung

Designer : MATTE NOLIM

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