When local menswear designer Stiaan Louw announced that he would be swearing off the bright lights of the global fashion runways in 2010, no one could have expected that he would come back with a male lingerie line. But nearly 10 years later, Louw’s racy partnership with French photographic studio Exterface has made his name bigger than ever around the world.

The question now is: Are South Africans ready to adopt Louw’s lingerie?

Blurred lines A harness that is part of the Ex-SL range PHOTO: exterface

The Ex-SL range features stringy body harnesses in pastel colours, transparent mesh shorts and undies, and some very revealing onesies that made #Trending blush this week.

Is it correct to call the pieces lingerie?

“I just call it ‘underwear’ but this range does blur those lines intentionally – I can see that – what’s considered male and female underwear. I think the market is open to that; men are increasingly becoming open to experimenting with underwear that was traditionally for women,” Louw said recently.

To see Exterface’s NSFW images and the full range head to ex-sl.com