Yesterday, Mango's website (the fashion brand, not the airline) experienced a technical glitch. This included offering lace knickers for just R1. Instead of the intended 50% off on sale items as advertised, an incorrect amount was shown on certain items. 

Dresses were advertised and sold for R3, panties for R1 and so on.

Customers flooded to the e-commence site once the news broke to take advantage of what they thought was an offer, some buying up to 77 items for under R600!

Today, Mango emailed customers to let them know their orders were cancelled and they received refunds for items purchased. Yet, Mango social media channels remain silent.

The email received by customers read as follows:

People took to social media to relay their anger with the situation:

This sort of thing has happened before with Superbalist and SAA. While we've heard word-of-mouth reports of the online retailer honouring faulty prices, SAA had to refund customers who thought they were buying tickets to Abu Dhabi for R900 instead of R35 000.

We have contacted a cyber law expert to find out what the law says regarding this matter. We are awaiting her response.

UPDATE: According to The Sowetan, Mango has released a statement. Read it here.

*This article has been updated