This year Daisies was taken over by festival-goers clad in mostly late '80s gear as fanny packs and tracksuit tops featured heavily.

But we also spotted some fun athleisure dressed up with metallics, hair in every colour imaginable and statement earrings, floral and jewel hair accessories and makeup that made us swoon.


Loved this Nike crop paired with pops of silver.

Floral crowns

Always a festival favourite, these were our favourites...

Yeah it was THAT good.?? #RTD2017

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Mellow yellow was just one of the bright hair hues spotted among a sea of bright pink and fiery red.


So many gorgeous earrings and necklaces were spotted, we especially adored this woman's game...

Some even added a few rhinestone facial accessories and heavy glitter makeup around the eyes.

L I T af. ? the weekend!!!!!! #thisglittertho #rockingthedaisies #RTD2017

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Fanny packs

The best festival 'handbag' you'll ever find.

Baddest ????#RTD2017

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Images: All Marisa Crous