In celebrating International Albinism Awareness Day we look again at Audi SA's partnership with Thando Hopa for their Audi Q2 #Untaggable campaign. It's all about highlighting diversity of beauty standards and embracing the art of forging your own path.

Thando Hopa's modelling career first kicked off when she became local designer Gert Johan Coetzee's muse in 2012 after he approached her at a mall.

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This legal eagle has since used her wings to soar and reach her successful #Untaggable status.

More importantly, Thando Hopa is the voice that challenges the stereotypes around albinism. This strong, intelligent, successful beauty refuses to attribute her modelling success only to the absence of pigment in her skin.

The Audi Q2 ad portrays Thando from every admirable angle possible, showing the super vehicle only right at the end:

Audi SA could not have picked a better face than the blue-eyed and blonde-haired black beauty for the new addition to their SUV family, which was launched at the 2017 Metro FM Music Awards