She’s bright and she’s hot and she is here. Summer finally stopped playing and arrived. To celebrate we put together three looks for living your best life poolside.


Simple is not in your style vocabulary. If you love it, you wear it (over the five other things you also love). Very pleased by prints, even better if it’s paisley. 

Palm leaf cut-out one piece

Palm leaf cut-out one piece - R649, Superbalist 

Espadrille knot slide

Espadrille knot slide - R899, Superbalist 

Ray-Ban oval sunglasses

Ray-Ban oval sunglasses - R1 228, Superbalist 

Drop palm leaf earrings

Drop palm leaf earrings - R30, Mr Price 

Slouchy straw basket bag

Slouchy straw basket bag - R119.99, Mr Price 

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Your style icon is probably Coco Chanel and you’d be lying if you said more than half of your wardrobe isn’t black. You live by the motto “less is more” without compromising on style and you’re always fighting with your boho bestie about each other’s outfit choices. 

Moulded balconette monochrome one piece

Moulded balconette monochrome one piece - R699, Superbalist 

Buckle flat sandals

Buckle flat sandals - R448, Superbalist 

Triangle sunglasses

Triangle sunglasses - R59.99, Mr Price 

Striped shoulder bag

Striped shoulder bag - R243, Superbalist 

Bolero hat with long trim

Bolero hat with long trim - R389, Superbalist 

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If it wasn’t so damn difficult to walk in the sand with your sneakers you’d be rocking the latest kicks at the beach. Practical, comfortable and stylish, in no specific order. 

V neck bralette bikini top

V neck bralette bikini top - R199, Superbalist 

1908 Puu soft slide

1908 Puu soft slide - R349, Superbalist 

Sports watch

Sports watch - R149, Superbalist 

Diesel DL0271 26C

Diesel DL0271 26C - R3 329, Superbalist 

Statement shopper bag

Statement shopper bag - R80, Mr Price 

This article was originally published in Women's Health SA.