Founded in 2014 by 25-year-old designer Neal Davids, DoNeal creates clothes and accessories inspired by Ghanaian craft and real-life scenarios, and which respond to the demands of the local consumers. The Araba Belle range, which launched this week, is a collection of 10 androgynous, ready-to-wear, cape-like garments. The inspiration for the collection comes from the Fante people of Ghana, who lived on the coastal Cape shores among the crabs and batholith rocks. The townships along the coast were heavily influenced by Western styles, colonised several times and adjusted each time to change. The inhabitants were resilient souls.

A native of Ghana’s Cape Coast is flexible by nature, beautifully weird and stylish, says the designer of the characters in his lookbook.

“There is togetherness, shyness and bliss.

“They consider themselves minimal and earthly, with a subtle twist of style,” says Davids.

The Araba Belle collection explores the aftermath of colonial infiltration on the Cape Coast, also known as the Cabo Corso. The colours are interpretations of the sea crabs and white rocks, with earthy tones of orange, dull green, brown and dark purple.