Halloween is right around the corner but if you are still scrambling costume ideas we have a few potential costumes suggestions for you. 

Boom Shaka

Get a group together or just plan your outfit with your best friend. Twinning is still cute. A high ponytail, a crop top and an oversized jacket would be the ultimate ode to one of the most celebrated South African music groups. So memorable.

Brenda Fassie 

Ma Brrr is one of the greatest musicians South Africa has ever produced, and along with the legendary music she has gifted us with, she has also given us some great fashion moments we can draw inspiration from as a tribute to our Queen Of African Pop. 

brenda fassie

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At first this may seem like a silly suggestion, but if the 2010 FIFA World Cup gave us anything, it was the spirited Zakumi who was a symbol of national unity and pride. 

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This costume does not need to be a literal version of this mascot (it would be very hot in there). You could take a fashionable spin on it with a white t-shirt, cute green shorts and a bouncy green afro to match (temporary hair paint could come handy here).

Suzelle DIY

Suzelle from Do-It-Yourself webseries Suzelle DIY makes us all laugh. Her colourful outfits to match her sparkling personality and high bun will give you more than enough to play around with.

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Sarafina in a that black suit, Sarafina in her school uniform, Sarafina wearing a Hector Peterson tshirt with a blazer. This musical-turned-film portrays one of South Africa’s most important historical moments and Sarafina's character gave all of us so much hope for a better future in South Africa. A big inspiration.

The witch from The Herd 

Ma’Mngadi is a witch on the supernatural drama series The Herd. Her sorcery aside, Ma’Mngadi is quite a good dresser. The all-black outfit with the bold red lipstick or the fez in the post below is a good look if you want strike a balance between horror and fashion.

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If you would like to go full on scary while doing a major throwback, the scary creature Lesilo from the show Lesilo Rula will do the trick. With enough dedication to pull this off you can scare all your friends.

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