We are absolutely in love with 25-year-old stylist and fashion blogger Siki Msuseni’s 'Who Killed Biko?' tote bags, which carry a stylised image of the struggle icon and thinker with a tear in his eye.

According to an interview she did with iol.co.za, she started making them because she “wanted to start a dialogue with ordinary South Africans through these bags.

They are a form of activism without saying much...I am trying to discredit the myth that for one to talk about matters concerning our politics, one needs to be well read and well spoken. The bags are a way of encouraging ordinary South Africans to start a dialogue, to engage and to start meaningful conversations with one another around political issues.”

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The bags have been so popular that they are now sold out. Luckily, Msuseni said on her Instagram page this week that she and her Pigments Studio team are “busy in studio with our next fallen hero, Chris Hani”, so people will be able to buy a new range of bags soon.

Yay for political fashion!

. To connect with Msuseni or to order a Chris Hani tote, visit pigmentsbysiki.com or Instagram @SikiMsuseni or