Scrolling through Instagram I couldn't help but notice various influencers, both local and international crushing on the same (or very similar) items.

They're all retro items that have been given a fresh, modern twist.

We are heading to the shops! Thank goodness it's payday.

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This cute Grecian camisole

A nod to Mediterranean style, this top worn with high-waisted Levi's = perfection. notes that the top, by brand Reformation, is the most perfect summer camisole they've ever seen. I agree.

Heatwave ????

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Back in my fave spot ??????

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Gold hoop earrings - both fat and skinny

Shop them locally from Lorne, Famke and Pichulik.

Mood ??

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Delicate-rimmed specs

Whether you need glasses or not, this makes for a pretty dope look.

Rayban opticals bringing the ??

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Really been feeling these tones _____________________ ?? @rizqua_barnes ??@nkmakeupofficial

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Polka dot blouses

According to Harper's Bazaar, this Jacquemus blouse has been making the rounds on Instagram. It ALSO goes with any and everything. Even tracksuit pants I bet!

Here's my Cruella de Vil look minus the Dalmatian fur plus a set of XL eye circles for extra drama

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La promenade du matin ??#paree

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Mini corsets

No longer reserved for the 16th and 17th century, the corset is now worn this way...

SCENES FROM LASTNIGHT Thanks @cliniquesa for the lovely night!

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How to wear a corset in everyday life.