Last year the mere acknowledgement of Crocs by the fashion community (i.e. Christopher Kane unapologetically sent his models down the runway wearing said bejewelled, perforated slip-ons and some 'influencers' like Pandora Sykes wore them) rendered me speechless.

But there are more old trends (mostly from the early naughties) that are back - luckily not all are as ugly as the shoe mostly reserved for cult members and chefs - but nonetheless, I still find myself questioning most of these items and their place in fashion.

Unfortunately, like hunger pangs at 11am in the morning, these 'new' trends aren't going away...

Cargo pants

Whether you opt for the military-inspired kind or go a bit more chic with khaki, this durable number is apparently JLoing/Jenny From The Blocking back into our lives according to

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New Balance tekkies

The new Vans Old Skools? Street style slayers seem to think so.

Baguette and other tiny bags

Sex and the City was really the first platform to introduce me to the baguette bag, mostly Fendi ones. It's a tiny sling bag that holds just about nothing.

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But boxy and saddle mini me bags are getting the props we never really thought they deserved. Yet, let's embrace minimalism and downscale our daily carry-along items to just a phone, card and a lipstick.

News boy caps

The Tab notes that the more denim the cap, the better. I seriously doubt that. But if Britney and Justin levels of double denimness can exist in this world, why not this, right?

Luckily there are other textile options out there...phew.

Hip-hugger jeans

Also, these are everywhere and cool girls like Kendall, Gigi (and probably Kaia soon) are donning them with the ease in which one eats a yogurt.

And with crops tops also persisting through every season, we'll be seeing lots of skin.

Foldover waists

We are talking palazzo pants you used to buy from SKA clothing, basically. It's been spotted on the streets and Morse gave us some chic versions on the runway recently.

Juicy Couture

It's baaaaaack. And yes Paris Hilton is, of course, wearing Juicy Couture tracksuits again. Only this time they have gone through a metamorphosis, tracksuit shorts as everyday wear. Even with heels. even notes this about the new collection: "The collection smells satisfyingly like the old Juicy, but the styling (sweatshirts tied asymmetrically, normcore-esque ankle socks peeking out from stark white sneakers, tailored blouses paired with relaxed jogger pants and stiletto sandals) introduces a delicious whiff 2017."

That's HOTT! So much love to our forever Juicy babe @parishilton ??#nyfw #OWNYOURJUICY

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