Knowing what goes best with your unique shape and dressing accordingly is something very few people do. We all just buy what we like.

No shade.

You do you.

But, just in case you were wondering, I've compiled a brief beachwear guide with swimwear designs that will suit your unique curves:

Want to hide your tummy/love handles?

Go for high-waisted, vintage looking bottoms that extend above your belly button. The Huffington Post warns that if the bottom cuts below your belly button it will create a muffin top effect. So, be warned!

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We love this paradise bottom, shop it on

Curvy all over?

Bigger assets, like large breasts, a large booty and a fuller figure often sees women shy away from bikinis. Yet we say, embrace it!

Finally there are more fashionable options for curvy women and the possibilities are truly endless. Opt for high-waisted bottoms and a very supportive top for starters - and play around with prints and bikinis with fringe or tassel detailing.

We love this bikini with fringe detailing from

Small boobs?

You are lucky as you can wear strapless tops that big-busted gals often have to shy away from. Low-cut, side-boob baring full costumes can also look fabulous with your small breasts.

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And if you want to increase the look of your bust, opt for a bikini top that has padding, ruffles or a print - this could create the illusion of a fuller cup size.

Huge boobs?

Flimsy, unsupportive string bikinis are defs not for you. You need support, which often means not buying your bikini in mainstream shops that only offer sizes like XS, S, M and L. Rather visit boutique swimwear shops that usually cater to women of all breast sizes. You need to shop your actual cup size in order to get the support you need to keep them gals afloat.

Or opt for a one piece with lots of support like this pretty one from My Scattered Heart.

Flat bum? suggests choosing a bikini bottom in horizontal stripes as this will give the illusion of a fuller rump. Tropical prints (see below) or ruched-style bikinis can also give this impression.

Burn easily?

Not technically a body shape, but those with very fair skin or sensitive skin should opt for a) sunscreen b) limiting your time in the sun and c) protective beachwear.

Go for an oversized blue and white shirt and bikini underneath or cover your delicate skin with this lovely long-sleeved frock from

Long torso?

Monokinis are great styles for long torsos as its cut-out bits flatter a long torso, breaking it up a bit.

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