It’s pretty normal to have earrings, ear cuffs, double piercing or gauges to spice up your rather dull-looking ears. But Instagram users have found a more permanent fix to replace traditional ear candy.

It’s called the Helix tattoo.

The new trend can be credited to tattoo artist Zihee from Seoul, South Korea, whose colourful, intricate design has captured avid tattoo lovers.

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An artistic design is inked on the outer curve of your ear – an area that’s quite tender and sensitive, which means getting this tattoo is rather painful.

But it’s clearly worth all the pain as people are now sharing their creative designs on the ’Gram.

The delicate artwork usually reflects floral patterns, animal paws or simple lines for the minimalist. 

How do tattoo artists do it? Well, it’s simple; they “stick-and-poke” lines and dots in the person’s ear so it can have more of an intricate look, Design Taxi says.

The placement of the art is absolutely perfect for tattoo novices as it can be hidden – all you have to do is pull your hair over your ears, and to show it off simply tuck it back.

The amazing thing about this tattoo is you’ll probably never lose an earring again.