It's safe to say that fashion is no longer playing by the rules at all. And even in the midst of similar styles being sold across all stores, everyone still manages to cultivate an image for themselves that is different from the next.

It's all about styling.

It also seems that with normcore fashion taking over city streets, it makes sense to let your shoes be the headturner of your #OOTD. This is probably why shoes have become less conventional and a little more... out there.

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Balenciaga is definitely spearheading the ugly shoe trend. One might even say they're trolling us with their latest runway footwear. From platform Crocs to intentionally dirty kicks, they've really managed to raise a few eyebrows.

Balenciaga platform Crocs. Not a joke.

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Chanel also gave us these, somewhat questionable, PVC rain boots (for lack of a better description) this past fashion month.

Perhaps some people aren't ready to go full ugly chic just yet (if at all), and are maybe just keen for a subtle kind of offbeat à la Solange...

Thank you girl at the tyler show for introducing me to these dream shoes

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But if you don't have Solange's wardrobe to go with your pair of offbeat shoes, how do you style them?

Well simplicity is key and this is how you can make yours work:

Velcro strap sandals

Velcro strap sandals are the epitome of casual. Not too mention they're super comfy too - people have been going hiking in Teva's for years, after all.

Best worn with skirts, and you can't go wrong with pastel colours to for that hard and soft juxtaposition.

When everything’s coming up dusty roses. #StrapIntoFreedom (??:@joshletchworth)

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Here’s to all the secret hideaways of summer. #StrapIntoFreedom (??:@ladyslider)

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Shop this pair of Teva sandals from Zando, R899.

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Nike Air Max 97 Premium

There have been mixed feelings about this pair of kicks, but maybe the right styling will finally tip the scale. I'd suggest a monochrome outfit in the same colour as the sneakers as there's already so much detail on them.

For example, this skirt complements the green threading on this pair of Air Max.

??Nike Air Max 97 x @undefeatedinc by @seraphizm . . . #gomf #girlsonmyfeet

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Shop this pair from Superbalist, R2599.

Dr. Martens

You either laud or loathe these stompers. There simply is no in between.

Doc Martens have been around for decades, and have made sporadic returns to the street style scene. It looks like they're here to stay this time around, though.

How to wear them in summer? 

Local designer SWANKER has their own version of these. Shop their Buccaneers forward stroke eyes shoes, R800.

PVC/perspex footwear

Okay, these aren't necessarily ugly, but you really need to have confident feet to strut in a pair of PVC shoes. Pedicured toes and feet that hardly sweat are key.

[Looking at how fast the weekend went ????‍??since I've been in bed all weekend sick ?? ]

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Alternatively, you can just wear pretty socks with your pair.


T-bar heels, R599 at Superbalist.

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