Recently, Anne Hathaway posted a blast from the Oscars past, with this Instagram saying everyone thought her nipples were hard when she donned this Prada dress to the 2013 Academy Awards. 

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Yes, everyone thought that but why it mattered is curious.

Of course, it was just the way the dress was constructed. But nipples aside, pointy or bullet bras that mimick the Madonna or Marilyn Monroe cone bra-esque look have always fascinated us. 

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They have quite the theatrical effect that would seem unfathomable for the average woman to wear on an average day walking down the street.

That might soon change. 

Paris Fashion Week recently gave us a few looks which might soon trickle down from the haute couture runway to our local shops. 

But the key to wearing this look is not to cover it up with silly, silly clothing and fabric. As it seems to be meant as a focal point of an outfit. Predominantly worn over clothing.

Here are a few shows that made me that made me realise things have shifted.

Nina Ricci

Pointy bras built into crop and bustier tops and bullet bras worn over long-sleeve blouses playing with texture weren't too harsh on the eye at the recent Nina Ricci show. I think it's the fabric, so pretty. 


Here we saw the bra in a contrasting colour worn over a garment and another example in leather, where the cone-like bra merged with the item itself. 

Street stylers are starting to pick up this trend, as well as some celebrities. 

I asked local lingerie brand, Nette Rose, whether they see this working off the runway for us normal folk? 

"Definitely, Paris Fashion Week was a clear example that we are slowly moving into that direction, I do not think it is a look everyone will love and feel they need to rock. It has a similar feel to socks with heels - its either for you or not. 

"I personally love it and sometimes your outfit calls for that something extra and instead of turning to a necklace, your new lacy bra will work wonders instead. 

"I think outside of festivals it is easiest styled over a fitted t-shirt or fitted polar neck, this would be my beginner version way to try the style out before getting more adventurous."

I think I'm gonna try it, but only if it's with this bra...

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