How do you know that you’re not wearing the correct underwear for your booty shape? Or for your lifestyle?

I think the says it best with ‘If You’re Thinking About Your Underwear, You’re Wearing the Wrong Underwear’.

Undies should be mindless, submissive creatures that sit invisibly on your bum – they shouldn’t cling like some sort of mollusc, or creep up like an unwanted houseguest. If you experience discomfort in either your vaginal or derriere area - be it itching from the fabric, bum cheek poppage or even a bacterial or yeast infection – you are doing the underwear thing wrong. If you work out often you might also want to consider investing in some undies that don’t suffocate your nethers.

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Do lots of exercise? notes that wearing a G-string to the gym or during strenuous exercise can cause bacterial infections. Especially alarming news is that E.coli might move from your bum to your vagina as you lunge and squat your way to a toned tush, which can increase your risk for urinary tract infection.

Also be very sure to wear breathable undies during exercise. We all switch out our bras when going from work to the gym, but hardly ever switch out our panties. says that this can in fact cause a pH imbalance as moisture gets trapped in this area.

Booty poppage?

Do your bum cheeks constantly reveal themselves? In public? For shame!

Opt for a pair of booty shorts or boyshorts instead of a high-cut or bikini cut as this might offer you more support. suggests that full coverage can also be provided to your bum in the form of high-waisted briefs. It will also support your festive season turkey rolls and are comfy as an air-conditioned room on a 30 degree day.

Or opt for hipster cut panties in case of wearing a low-cut jeans or pants.


Nylon undies that are too tight might be causing you discomfort – and scratching your vajay in public is not always best. recommends you try 100% cotton booty huggers as they tend to be the most breathable of all undie fabrics.


Your underwear is supposed to hug your vagina (but not in a creepy way). But notes that over time cotton bikini cut panties tend to sag, going baggy by the crotch. Rather opt for a cotton nylon mix if this is your problem, or be sure not to wear stretched out cotton panties past its sell-by date.

Seams cutting into your thighs? Hate panty lines?

Seamless panties are the gin to my tonic. Like chicken soup for the soul, seamless panties are essential to any undie drawer – and work magic with bodycon dresses.

See-through dress?

Wearing a white linen dress this summer? Weirdly, white undies will be visible. Rather opt for nude undies that suit your specific skin tone. We LOVE TruNude underwear – a local brand catering to all skin tones.

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