Inspired by the global scare over the novel coronavirus, a Croatian fashion designer has launched his own "cheerful" collection of virus masks.

They offer no protection against the disease which continues to spread around the world but that has not stopped the designer from designing the masks.

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The designer, Zoran Avramovic, says, "The idea of making the mask came to me very spontaneously. It's further proof that the best things come spontaneously. Every morning at the coffee shop we talk about coronavirus and the lack of protective masks, the only topic we're concerned about these days. And as a joke I said that I was going to make a colourful and cheerful mask, resembling my creations.

"Of course they don't protect you against any disease but people enjoy them and buy them. I'm very pleased."

Dozens of the $10 (about R145) masks have sold in the past two weeks.

Compiled by Phelokazi Mbude

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