Being basic when it comes to the way you dress has been completely normalised. Normcore and athleisure have both dominated the fashion scene for the last few years, and it has made us feel less kak about wearing sweats and tekkies to work. Couch-chic if you will. recently noted that there's a new (be it slightly more mature) kid on the style block. Menocore they call it. Menopause chic. Of course, there is no one way to dress when you're settling into or perhaps already experiencing full-on menopause, but think along the lines of a 55+ white lady drinking Chardonnay on her beach house's wooden deck.

Yes. I know you see it.

Now much like normcore, the menopause-inspired 'trend' is simple, neutral tones are prominent and it's all SO comfortable!


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Think of Diane Keaton or Blythe Danner in linen pants, loose-fitted suits, button-down shirts and sandals that are good for feet health (but not Crocs).

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More often than not it's also rather shapeless - which means a hopeful goodbye to the torture of a bodycon dress.

I love this 'trend' mainly because it means a deviation from the bombardment of what 'sexy' has always been defined as: showing lots of cleavage, leg, stomach, side-boob, etc. Will soon be seen as sexy to parade around completely covered up? Well, with a slight show of ankle, of course. Who knows!

@harlingross says I look like a licensed plant healer

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I know what you're thinking, are we going Amish? Will we soon ride our buggy into town? Perhaps.

And who know, maybe, just maybe our conversations will soon play out like this...

'What are you wearing on your hot date tonight, dude?' - your roommate will ask.

'Doing a beige polo neck with my loose khaki linen trousers and high-tops. Hot, huh?'  - you'll respond as you search your undies drawer for your favourite wool socks.

'Perfection' - she'll say, adding: 'But leave the socks, show some ankle instead'.