More and more fashion retailers are embracing women's unfiltered features by not photoshopping out things like scars and stretchmarks and H&M has just joined the movement. According to a report in The Pool, the "Swedish fashion giant joins the likes of ASOS, Boohoo, and Missguided in ceasing to cover up its models' natural skin."

The representation of real women in their diversity is hopefully not just a trend and it's exciting to see how companies are treating women's hairy arms and stretch marks not as flaws but as an every day reality to celebrate.

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No one should be embarrassed about the way they look naturally. 

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And we asked a few people what 'flaws' of theirs they appreciate and embrace. 

I have stretch marks and I hated them because I felt like I couldn't wear bikinis. I used to wear shorts over a bikini to cover them. One day as I was applying an anti-stretch marks oil, I realised how beautiful my stretch marks actually looked and how they formed a unique pattern that was almost like a natural tattoo on me. From that day I started to appreciate them and I stopped using products to get rid of them.
I was already told that my lips are big and really they are. But I love them now, the way they're just a big part of what actually makes me pretty. Without them I would feel incomplete.

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