With luxury brands like Chanel raising prices, buying pre-loved can be more affordable. But sometimes, secondhand purchases need a little TLC.

Lainey Molnar started flipping luxury bags three years ago by fixing a Chanel bag for a friend.

See how she restored and dyed a classic Chanel flap bag from beige to black in the video below. The entire process took more than 24 hours.

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Someone had previously tried to dye beige leather red, then black - but it didn't go well. 

To fix it, Lainey had to strip the leather and then condition it. Next, she carefully dyed the bag black. She used different-sized brushes so she doesn't miss any spots.

She then seals the dye so the colour doesn't fade. And the bag is as good as new!

Compiled by Phelokazi Mbude

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