If there’s one thing that our youth has - and that we don’t praise nearly enough – it’s determination, dedication, motivation and the wits and smarts to achieve anything they want to.

Read how a matriculant from Collegiate Girls' High School in Port Elizabeth designed a groundbreaking way to insulate shacks and make them fire resistant, learn how a 15-year old teen became a self-published author and meet Brittany Bull and Sesam Mngqengqiswa, who together with their team, designed South Africa’s first privately-owned satellite into space.

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Whenever you see a woman who has the “can I talk to the manager haircut” there’s no question that you’ll laugh and know exactly what we’re talking about.

You’ve seen the memes and the starter pack kit that hilariously mocks women who have some variously of this hairstyle, but did you know that there are really sad reasons why this hairstyle is so constantly and consistently villiainised?

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Our local models are in hot demand. A few weeks ago we introduced you to Ansolet Rossouw – the Bloem model who has been making waves and walking the catwalk for Chanel and other luxury fashion brands.

Recently she took to the runway again – this time for Dolce & Gabbana and share the limelight with Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls. We can’t wait to see whose designs she’ll be wearing next.

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Another day, another case of body shaming and telling women that the onus is on them to be respectable and not lead men into temptation.

When will this ever end? A teen was recently forced to put plasters over her nipples because she wasn’t wearing a bra to school.

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