Almost everything can be done on an app lately.  From tracking your fitness levels, booking a holiday and ordering delicious meals, life’s certainly been made a little easier thanks to mobile apps.

I kinda needed to level up on the fashion tech front so I decided to download and test-drive three fashion apps that come highly recommended by some of the world’s coolest fashion fundis.

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Warning: Tread lightly with these, they are highly addictive!

Like to Know It (Android and Apple friendly)

Log in then proceed to linking your Insta account to your Like To Know It profile. Select an influencer from the Gram you like, screenshot their #OOTD and within 30 seconds a notification with the details of where to shop your desired look will be sent to your phone. Oh, and sign up is free.

FAD - the ultimate fashion dictionary

If you’ve ever considered yourself a fashion geek then this one’s for you. At just R60 you can access a plethora of useful fashion terms.

You know an app is worth its weight in gold when it’s endorsed by Vogue and Refinery29, so get your smarty pants on with this ultimate fashion dictionary.

Stylect (Free download, Android and Apple-friendly)

Swipe right for your fav and left to pass... sound familiar? Well, yes, that’s why this app is known as the Tinder of fashion. All your favourite designer bags, wallets and shoes will automatically land in your wishlist where you’ll be directed to the checkouts.

If and when it happens that your wishlist items go on sale, you’ll receive a short love letter in the form of a notification. Cute, neh?

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Your swiping and screengrabbing will never look the same again!

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