Indulge yourself, much like you would with a large helping of potato salad at a Sunday picnic, in a light-weight, wrap-around cloth of gingham in the form of a top with big poofy sleeves. 

Then try checking every box and camouflage yourself as a Greek restaurant tablecloth by wearing gingham-only outfits.

Pair a blouse with a matching pair of high-waisted trousers with flared bottoms and finish the look with gold hoops, sneakers or loafers.

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Or snack on summer in autumn and layer that gingham dress by wearing a t-shirt underneath or by adding a denim jacket or coat.

Yaaas girls, the picnic doesn't have to end just yet.

Shop them here:

Cotton blouse, R 629, H&M. 

Ruffle Turtle Neck Top, R99.99, MRP.

Gingham top, Zara. (Zara prices on request).

Wrap top and gingham trousers with pom poms, both Zara.

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