The white shirt is a classic. And it will forever continue to be. But the classic we started out with has taken on so many forms that we're not exactly sure whether we prefer the original anymore. 

That's the beauty of innovation and getting on board with evolving. You go with the flow of things and find ways to adapt to the new.

The white shirt has morphed into countless versions of itself over the years, think big sleeves, crops and over-seized blouses with lots of drama, commercially mass-produced styles, bespoke, tailored, pleated, embroidered, off-the-shoulder, and so many more. 

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Worn in both summer through to winter, the more playful white shirt styles always seem to poke their head out most noticeably during summer. 

Woman at fashion week, dressed in all white.

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For every and any occasion, invest in a few. Maybe, one classic, one that's lots of fun with embroidery or party sleeves and another oversized number that you could wear as a dress or to the beach over your bikini. 


Cold shoulder blouse

Cold shoulder blouse - R329 

The goddess top

The goddess top - R380 

Cherry ring shirt

Cherry ring shirt - R349 

Pleated puff sleeve poplin blouse

Pleated puff sleeve poplin blouse - R350 

Mesh high neck gathered detail blouse

Mesh high neck gathered detail blouse - R499 

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Best complemented by...

The white shirt is subtle, but shouldn't be overdressed. It's the star of the show. The crisp, freshness of it all is best complemented with healthy, glowy skin. Whether that means showing some decolletage, your back or just going fresh-faced.

We love face and body oils. And they love your skin. Especially now that our skin is still dry after winter.

Add some oomph to your skin.

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NUXE Huile Prodigieuse multi use dry oil

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi use dry oil 50ml - R305 

Eco Diva face serum

Eco Diva face serum -R415 

Sisley black rose precious oil face anti-aging creme

Sisley black rose precious oil face anti-aging creme - R2 240.88

Dr. Hauschka blackthorn body oil

Dr. Hauschka blackthorn body oil - R398

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