So it's Monday the 8th of January. And yet it feels like it's been more than a hundred days since I received my last paycheck.

Back at work and ready for a New Year, New Me, I find myself yearning for new things to decorate said New Me.

Only problem is there's way too much month at the end of my money, a pickle I'm sure many of you are currently in.

And after flipping over several couch cushions, still nothing.

Worst of all is I'm a bit of a masochist, and love Instagram and online shopping, so I've been window shopping my next purchases come payday so long. 

Don't hate me.


I just ran out of this face oil by Skin Creamery, R310. It is one of the best things to use in summer, especially after a swim in the sea or pool. Get it!


Shoes from H&M and

Bronze sandals, R249.

Black block heels for every occasion, R329.


Cat eye sunnies, R200 at Better Half Vintage Store.


Palm tree waist bag, R99.99 at MRP.

Rattan bags at Truth Be Told in Cape Town.

I also love this Raffia clutch, R 699, from Witchery.    


Everything from the new Selfi store on Loop street in Cape Town, please. The Laloba collection collab between SELFI X RHARHA is fire. Also very into the ceramic earrings by Githan Coopoo.


This lovely scent,  DUSK Eau De Parfum by House of Gozdawa. Available at Guild in the Silo District and here.

Images: Supplied