Nike has really been doing well on the progressive front lately. In February Nike Middle East dropped their epic yet controversial ad featuring Muslim women athletes training in hijabs in the streets of Dubai. 

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This commercial aired shortly before the launch of the Nike Pro Hijab - the first of its kind in mainstream sportswear. The performance hijab is made from a lightweight polyester, breathable material complete with more material in the back to ensure for it to be tucked in while active.

Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari has already hit the ice in hers.

It took just over a year to design the Pro Hijab, which will be available in three neutral colours. 

Apparently, Nike started working on the hijab after Muslim athletes expressed how cumbersome competing in traditional headgear is. 

Misogyny aside, competing in sport has always come with a few hurdles for women. Think of the Chinese bronze medalist swimmer, Fu Yuanhui, who competed while on her period in Rio, opening the eyes of fellow Chinese women to the option of tampons, as only 2% of the population uses them.

We therefore can’t help but applaud Nike for their thoughtful contribution to the international community of sportswomen. They have truly reached their self-set goal of serving and inspiring female athletes.