The fashion designer is one of the biggest names in the industry, but has said he isn't interested in designing clothes that fit a particular fashion trend - he just wants to create "timeless things" that he likes. 

"I hate fashion. I never thought of myself as a fashion designer. It was more about timeless things I liked - and values," he said. 

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Ralph insists his goal in his career is to "make things beautiful", and although his fashion brand is one that is criticised for being "old", he says that doesn't make him boring. 

"I like old things, but that doesn't make me boring. It's how you style them. I love to make things beautiful. Who doesn't appreciate that?" 

And although Ralph Lauren's designs are loved by people around the world, his children never used to appreciate his eye for style.

"I used to pick out things from very traditional children's shops in London for Dylan (his daughter), and she'd refuse to wear them. The kids in her class were just not wearing that kind of stuff," he explained. 

Compiled by Afika Jadezweni

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