I love a good statement tee. I have several.

A few that express my feminist leanings and others that just show off my personality. 

There’s something about statement tshirts that make me feel kind of empowered, like I’m wearing my thoughts on my chest and I want the world to acknowledge them. It makes me feel like a superhero and I absolutely love that feeling. 

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Here’s me in my “Feminist AF” t-shirt. I recently had a woman come up to me in Checkers and ask what the AF meant. When I said “As fuck”, she seemed to be a little offended, but it may have been a little lost in translation. 

femnist af,tshirt,smile,red,carmen williams

I have another shirt my colleagues got me for my birthday in 2017 which says “I’m a ray of fucking sunshine”. It’s perfect for when I’m feeling under the weather, or just want to confuse people. I don't have a picture, but here's one of a model.

Cute, right?

But now I want to spread my statement tshirt joy around and show you where you can get a few cool ones too. Here they are: 

Get this Came To Slay shirt from MRP for R99.99

came to slay,shirt,mrp

Another great one from MRP for R59.99

pretty like her

Give it a lil 'tude with another great find from MRP for R59.99


Here's one from Foschini to add to your collection for R199

The Future is female

This empowering shirt from tshirtsforchange for R250

Yes we can!

Another cool one from tshirtsforchange for R180

It really is

Vintage Lovers has a whole host of awesome choices. This one is a cute Harry Potter reference for R195


Here's a great message that will certainly get the haters off your back for R195

There's nothing wrong with being sexy

And what would this list be without a nod to Bonang's collection of tees? Get this one with one of her catchphrases for R239 from Superbalist

Give the people what they want

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