Clothing retailer ASOS left all models' bums unedited in their latest online swimwear catalogue - and we are truly elated. reports that all stretchmarks, ‘tiger stripes’ and cellulite were left in its natural state, which in a world where filters are king, is quite a feat.

The notes that women are constantly bombarded with body and beauty ideals that preach fixes for ‘imperfections'. However, these marks and stripes are not imperfections, it's just the way we look. The ideal is the exception, not the rule. Yet we have been taught to aspire to a fake set of rules and fabrications.

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This is why depicting women how they really are is so important. Our perceptions need to change about beauty and social constructs like 'imperfections'.

Twitter responded in delight to the pictures, praising ASOS for representing women more accurately: 

AOL did, however, report that some people noticed that ASOS did still airbrush their plus-size models' bums and thighs featured in this catalogue. Or maybe these beauties just don’t have any? Who knows.

But we think ASOS is finally learning from its past mistakes. This campaign comes shortly after the retailer was slated on social media for classifying a size 10 pair of shorts as ‘Large’. I mean?

So here's hoping they keep it up.