Don't get me wrong, millennial pink is still going to be around for a while, but soon you'll feel an overwhelming urge to colour your wardrobe mellow yellow. has dubbed it Gen-Z Yellow.

It's a soft, baby chick hue.

And while some are opting for a brighter yellow...

In all that you do, don't ever forget to QUEEN.??

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The mellower of the yellows reign supreme above all else (amongst the uber fashionable anyways)...

coming soon

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I styled my model to look like me for narcissistic reasons (pic stolen from @manrepeller )

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This is definitely the colour wheel's answer to those desperately keen for a colour that's less associated with being girly.

Will it become the colour associated with androgyny? Or will we see ourselves clad in baby red come winter 2018?

Only time will tell.

For now, we are smitten with all the retro cuteness of soft colours inspired by '70s bathroom palettes.

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