Australian swimmer, Annette Kellerman was arrested in 1907 for stepping onto Revere Beach in the U.S. clad in a one-piece swimsuit that showed off her legs, reports.

At the time, it was seen as public indecency and women who didn't wear the customary long-sleeved dress over bloomers look when swimming, were reprimanded by beach police.  

But swimsuit policing is still not a thing of the past, as in 2016 The Independent reported that a Muslim woman was told to remove her hijab by a policeman on a French beach, or be fined. 

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However, swimsuits have evolved in all other ways over the years. At the moment we are seeing swimwear that's sporty, modelled after the athleisure trend in particular. 

Watch the above video to see the craziest swimsuits ever!

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