Like many of you, I'm sure, I grew up with rugby. Being South African, it's just a thing that's always kind of present.

No one in my immediate family ever practiced the sport, but it was on the TV, it was at school and it was a big part of the culture of my small town.

Now, in a twist of apocalyptic-like proportions, people all over the world (!!) are calling the rugby jersey... fashionable.

Much like the meteoric rise of high fat, low carb diets, I never quite saw this trend coming. notes that this all too familiar jersey was spotted on the runway at the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 show, and later on the likes of Rihanna and even in a campaign by Acne Studios.

But it rang the truest for me when cute little S.J. in The Blind Side accused his 'big brother' Michael Oher of resembling a giant bumblebee when clad in a yellow and black striped jersey.

See it?

Image: YouTube

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But how does one wear it?

Jeans, heels and good earrings can make this the ultimate South African athleisure look, I suppose. Yet, too me, someone who is not exactly a massive rugby fan (though, each to their own when it comes to Wear Your SA Rugby Shirt To Work Day), I'll give this one a skip.