As our daily outfit choices become less concrete jungle appropriate and more fit for tropical island living, we're choosing practicality over everything. 

We're wearing less, going out more, and going braless rather often.

So it only makes sense that we also grant our feet the privilege of being a few centimeters closer to the ground now that the rest of our bodies are experiencing true comfort. 

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It's not the 80s anymore, so the days of suffering for fashion are long gone. And since the fashion industry adopted dad shoes, it's been clear that comfort and functionality are trendier than high fashion aesthetics that may pose risks to your health. 

Yep, the Spine Health Institute has revealed some unfortunate truths about how wearing heels on an almost daily basis harms your body. 

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So this summer we're saving our feet and backs the trouble by making Birkenstocks, espadrilles, wedges, and loafers our trusted footwear just like Tracee Ellis Ross taught us.

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Time to shop:

The perks of wearing Birks

Superbalist, R839

Amble along in Country Road

Country Road, R599

They may not be flat, but wedges have definitely got your back (literally).

Witchery, R999

Go for leather, no matter the weather.

ZARA, R759

Dress up and lace up.... your espadrilles.

MRP, R129.99

You can never go wrong with a pair of Havaianas.

Superbalist, R429

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