Whether it’s your bestie or someone you kind of know from work, here are rules to consider when she asks to shop your wardrobe for free.

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Manrepeller.com recently featured an article on time-sharing a dress. Say you and your bestie decide to go in on a pricey item like a designer dress and decide to share its cost and custody. I never had sisters, which is why I guess I maybe don't really get this concept.

To me, sharing my clothes and shoes is no real biggie but it has to be per event. Not per few weeks. I want it back after it was worn once - not at a time in the future, yet to be determined. And don't even get me started on jewellery - ask me anytime, but by the hammer of Thor, will I be pissed if you return it without all of its trinkets.

1.    Consider her track record

Basically, ask yourself 'is she good for it?' Has she borrowed from you before, and in which condition did she return said item(s).

Also, is she prone to walking into people holding lit cigarettes or is she an (over)active red-wine drinker who tends to stumble even on the most forgiving of surfaces.

2.    Where is she planning to wear the item(s) to?

Borrowing a dress for a tasteful kitchen tea is one thing, but asking you for your beloved leather boots to wear to OppiKoppi or Daisies, is quite another.

3. Sizing

This is very important, especially when it comes to shoes and clothing that are just too small. I’ve lent my shoes to a size 8 who squeezed her feet into my 7s (cause them shoes were just sooooo good) – and boy, did they come back stretched.

4. How long will she take to return it

If you have to ask for it back, then you've probably already waited too long. She needs to return what she borrowed, clean and timeously. I’d say about 3 days after her event, tops.

5. How active is she on social media

This is a good one to consider, not that you wanna say "Mine, mine, MINE!" but if whenever your friend borrows your stuff she posts several IG stories and Instagrams of her wearing your items passing them off as her own then you might want to reconsider. #notyours #mine