Fashion. Why complicate it? I wore a uniform to school and it was seriously so easy – the thought-process every morning was utterly seamless.

I recently realised that I wear light blue, high-waisted jeans and a simple white t-shirt 4 out of 7 days of the week, which is why I started toying with the prospect of only buying good quality jeans and white t-shirts for the rest of my days.

With a uniform you basically can't go wrong. Unless perhaps you choose a floor-length peasant dress and have bum-grazing hair, in which case you might look like are part of a cult. Or opting for a stiff maroon blazer, matching trousers, court heels, and a dead-inside look, you run the risk of presenting yourself as a North Korean dictator's concubine.

So, like a tattoo, you have to choose your uniform carefully.

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Sure, some might think I'm channeling American Psycho's Patrick Bateman. (Must say, ever since I saw this movie I've always been a bit skeptical of minimalists.)

But is this an approach to minimalism or purely knowing what suits you in terms of body shape, style and personality?

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Minimalism is seen as positive, as one is able to shed oneself from worldly things in a supreme-being kind of manner - elevating you above mere mortals.

It’s not often viewed as boring, which, in my opinion it ultimately is. I mean, it looks pretty on Instagram but I’m sure no one has ever had a good orgasm in a bedroom that looks like this…

But I digress.

So I am a uniform person, although I am really not a minimalist. It’s kind of like, a closet full of clothes, yet only one uniform unrelentingly stands out to me every day.

Plus, it's really perfect for Janu-worry when there's little to no money for shopping.

Here's why I think I choose my specific uniform:

a)    It’s comfy
b)    It’s reliable – as in I know I look good and will feel good in it
c)    It’s, despite its simplicity, very versatile

For example, this is what I wore with it on Monday

Low court shoes, R379, H&M

Matter of Fakt and Lorne jewellery and a Zara jacket

On Tuesday

I added some black leather Topshop boots and '80s clip-on earrings from Glitterati

On Friday

I wore it with a KenzoxH&M neckscarf and Nike Cortez sneakers

SEE! SO comfy and SO versatile!

Would you wear the same outfit every day? Let us know.

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