Sister – my 'day one' and BFF – whatever you call her, you know she'll always be there. The sibling bond can be particularly powerful in tough times. Even when we have close friends who will do anything for us, having that sibling who'll do the same somehow carries more significance.

Here are celebrity sisters who've done just that.

Anele and Thembisa Mdoda

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If you even think of messing with Thembisa, be careful of her younger sister Anele. The radio personality has came for anyone who has dissed Thembisa, more recently, Atandwa and his wife Fikile Kani. It's no secret that Atandwa and Thembisa had a bad break-up and when Atandwa tried to throw shade towards Thembisa, Anele was the first one to clap back to the self-proclaimed prince of theatre.

Ntsiki and Thandiswa Mazwai

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Just like the Mdoda sisters, the Mazwai sisters won't let you get away with talking bad about the other. Stoan Seete knows this very well. The former Bongo Muffin member did a photo shoot with all his children without the daughter he shares with Thandiswa. It wasn't too long before Ntsiki took to social media to call Stoan a dead-beat father. Ouch.

Solange and Beyonce Knowles

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No one will ever forget the elevator fight. Even though we still don't know what really happened in that lift, we could tell that Solange was defending her sister Bey.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian

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Remember when Kanye West said he had to take 30 showers after sleeping with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose? Then Amber went on to say it's funny how he had 30 showers after sleeping with her when his wife, Kim, has a sex tape. That didn't not sit well with Khloe, who took to Twitter to tell Amber to shut up because she was a stripper at age 15.