Meet Marcey Hawk. The Daily Mail did an article on her because she's the boobie artist.

Yes really.

She is an abstract painter who creates art by painting with her breasts. Using your body to create art is by no means a new practice. Artists have used their own blood, faeces, spit and vomit to make paintings. Some knit from their vaginas. Some turn their actual bodies into the artwork. And don't forget Pricasso.

No judgies.

Although the paintings are surprisingly pretty – in a Rorschach test meets Kindergarten kind of way – I get the feeling that it’s more about the boobs and the fame than it is about the work. Or maybe it's just the sheer amount of selfies on her Instagram account that wearies me.

I could of course be horribly wrong. Help me here, I’m not sure what to think. 

Watch the video here:

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