It's hard to believe Valeria Lukyanova exists. While across the world there are many examples of "living Barbies", not one has quite achieved what Valeria has. From her tiny waist to her over-sized eyes, Valeria's proportions almost exactly mirror the way women's bodies are drawn in comics and manga.

The result is disconcerting to say the least.

Incredibly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, Valeria's looks aren't the only strange thing about her. According to an interview she did with GQ,

1. She doesn't eat food

This is actually a step up from the last news we heard about her diet. She had, the Daily Mail reported, made a decision to live exclusively on light and air. We're guessing that didn't work out as well as she planned, because now she's on a liquid only diet.

2. She's not trying to be Barbie

She doesn't even call herself Barbie. She calls herself "Amatue". She says it came to her in a dream. A lot of things come to her in dreams.

3. She dreams in other dimensions

And she gets her nails done in fractal patterns from them. Look, we don't believe her, but we also kinda desperately want to get our nails done in fractal patterns from the 21st dimension now.

4. She's horribly, horribly racist.

And feels that the standards of beauty have dropped because of "race mixing". We think unrealistic beauty standards have damaged the concept of beauty to the point where there's actually a woman who actually looks like Valeria Lukyanova actually, but who's counting.

5. She used to be a goth.

And her first act of rebellion was to dye her hair. She also wore a lot of black and got accused of being a witch a lot. So basically she was a perfectly normal teenager.

6. She was never really interested in being attractive to boys.

She loved to chase the ones who hit on her off by pretending to be a man, though. We're beginning to think we might have quite liked younger Valeria.

7. The very idea of having children brings out revulsion in her.

And she believes most people have children selfishly in an attempt to make sure someone will love them and give them reason to live. So basically she's not planning on ever having kids.

8. She's working on a New Age opera.

A natural progression from hosting New Age Workshops, we understand. Honestly, we hope she finishes this opera because we just can't wait to see it.

9. She's against feminism.

And she's proud of this. Although by now it's a little hard to keep track. She's into New Age but is racist against pretty much anyone who isn't Aryan. She's against feminism but she's also all for having the choice not to become a mother if she doesn't want to. We just... What?

10. She's really a real human.

Look, we're still trying to get our head around this fact. A trip to her Facebook profile even shows the fact that she seems to have joined in the no make-up selfie trend.

She also claims the only surgery she's ever had was her breast augmentation, but we're still struggling to believe that one.

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