In a move almost as smooth as one’s leg after a wax, body-positive activist, model and entrepreneur Lesego Legobane (better known as @ThickLeeYonce) just delivered what people are calling the  "best clapback of 2017."

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Recently, local Twitter personality Leyton Mokgerepi (@imleyton) posted a meme comparing swimwear model Joëlle Kayembe (@j4joelle) to South African beauty @ThickLeeYonce. The meme read as follows:

Um. Okay, dude.

According to Buzzfeed, @ThickLeeYonce was later tagged in the tweet by a friend, which is how she found out about it. And she was having none of it.

Her response, classy AF.

Her rebuttal subsequently went viral. Channel24's The Juice reports that even the likes of Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande retweeted and hearted her tweet. Teen Vogue has also contacted her for an interview and this story made it onto Buzzfeed and Mashable.

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The other woman featured in the meme, Joëlle Kayembe (@j4joelle), also came back with a response in support of @ThickLeeYonce and women everywhere.

In an attempt to save face, Leyton Mokgerepi (@imleyton) actually deigned to tweet the following:

Too little, too late my man.

The backlash was real.

Never, do you EVER underestimate a woman's desirability based on her size. Never, do you ever tell a woman who she can and cannot like. And never do you ever think a curvy girl has no options. Options aplenty, thank you very much.