As winter comes to an end, are you noticing your gym is slowly beginning to fill up?

As the battle of the bulge begins, we thought what better time to write about those five people you will always run into at your local Virgin Active.

If you are a regular gym-bunny you are sure to have been subjected to at least one of these characters, or maybe you'll even recognise yourself in one of them?

Tell us what you think of our list and who you would add?

As Summer steadily approaches, it is going to become harder and harder to get away with this...


*It is so hot, i'm just too fat to take my shirt off.

Which means more time in the gym trying to burn off that winter-weight...

Here is a list of the 5 people you are most likely to encounter while trying to get yourself back in shape:

#1 The treadmill hogger: This person will be on the same machine from the time you arrive until the time you leave. A puddle of sweat will form around their machine while onlookers try their best not to look, making a mental-note to never use said machine again. EVER.

#2 The woman wearing make-up: There is always someone who can't bare to leave the house without their trusty foundation even if she's on her way to the gym.

This woman can be found hanging out at the steps machine or speed-walking on the treadmill, trying desperately hard to look like she's doing something without really doing anything at all.

#3 The first-timer: If you're in a class, like spinning or zumba for example, chances are, there will be someone there trying it out for the first time.

This 'first-timer' will slow the entire class down fiddling with their pedals and rearranging their seat, they will lose their way in the dance routines and constantly have to ask the instructor for help.

Some people find the first-timer painfully irritating but we love them for giving us a break! (and hey! You have to start somewhere!)

#4 The seasoned-professional: Like the first-timer, every class is also bound to have one of these; a seasoned professional. She is at the front of the class and has memorised the routine move for move.

She will be at every class without fail and her commitment to the gym will have you feeling very guilty, but worried for her social-life at the same time.

#5 The change-room exhibitionist: This woman is one we will never understand.

She will strip off from the second she steps foot in the change-room and proceed to spend the next hour wandering around applying unneccsesary amounts of lotion while striking-up awkward conversation with strangers.

Yes, we are all woman and we are happy that you are proud of your body, but to spend that amount of time naked around strangers is never ok.

What other gym personalities can you think of?

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