I have always thought that eating well was more expensive than not. Weighless demands all kinds of specific foods, some of which are expensive items.

Last week after the meeting I went and got the veggies and chicken etc that I planned to eat this week. I bought one day’s too little food and so I need to go top up now. The grocery bill last week was just under R300. Of course, I did have some of the things in my cupboard already – so this is an underestimate of what it cost me for the week. But still, it is what I spent and had I been eating the old way, I would also have had some supplies in my kitchen.

Which for greens, a bit of yoghurt and some skinless, fatless, cheerless meat seemed a lot. Except I have spent almost nothing else on food and drinks this week.

Like nothing! I have had a few soda waters when out but that’s it. I have not spent a dime on crisps, burgers, cokes or meals out. We picnicked on Sunday rather than buying expensive food from an outlet, I have been drinking water whenever in public and the idea of a take away for a meal has not crossed my mind.

So it is actually probably cheaper to eat well and balanced meals than it is to skimp on the grocery shop and then fill up with expensive rubbish food. Not to mention so much better for me!

I know some of it may be shock value because my body doesn't know what has hit it, and I won't lose as much again, but it is still 1,8kg less of me.

I lost 1,8kg this week. I am so happy about that.

Enough incentive to do another week well, that's for sure!

Kim blogged about, her amazing weight loss journey. Read her blog here or watch this space for next week's instalment.