As I have got closer and closer to goal weight so I have actually cared less and less what the scale says. I am reveling in the other results of weight loss – having a body able to do things, wearing smaller clothes and generally just looking better.

The number on the scale means less to me than all these things.

Until the number gets smaller. Then it really matters. Today I am 0,5 down – and less than 2kg from goal weight. After over a month of struggling to shift any weight, I am glad for the loss. But really – I actually don’t care that much about it.

I have realised, with some sadness but mostly a huge amount of joy, that stage one in the life of LessOfMe is over. Sadness only because it has so consumed me that it has in some ways defined me; this transformation.

But the first bit is done. I may not be at the goal weight that was decided at the start, but for the last 7 weeks I have weighed within 500g of a weight. I think my body has decided and I am okay with that. It stopped being about what was on the scale ages ago anyway.

I will continue to go to Weigh-Less because I do not trust myself. But now it is time to set new targets.

This body of mine was an old volksie with the bonnet tied down with a piece of string for too long. It coughed and spluttered on the up hills and was probably pouring black smoke out from under the hood. I have traded that familiar volskie in for a smarter, faster sleeker car, but I am still driving it like it’s a volksie.

It’s time to see what this baby can do if I put my foot down!
Kim blogged about her amazing weight loss journey.

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